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Friday, December 05, 2008

Teachers pet

Everyone wants to have the teacher think that they are the best student and that they are the most important student in the lesson. I would even go so far as say even outside the lesson. You may also wish to distingush yourself in your teachers lessons. You want the teacher to look at you and you alone; You want to answer all the questions; You want to get all the answers right; you want to be the focus of the class.

This is an obsticle to your learning and you have to be careful because this can cause real harm. You see now you are searching for the pleasure of the teacher not the pleasure of Allah subhanu wa ta'ala. There is nothing wrong with trying to earn the teachers respect and supplications but the whole point of learning is to do it soley for Allah (Mighty and Majestic) and not so your teacher thinks he is a good student. If you are after this aim then you are going astray and your intention has to be renewed.

Distance yourself from this and do not let your heart accept this. Whenever you get an answer right do not think that you are a good student because you may not get next question right!

We are not saying disrespect your teacher no, we are saying have your intention clear and try not to let yourself be distracted. As this is a major distraction for any student, the line is very fine and it is necessary to be careful.

Focus on the lesson and ignore the fact that you may be the teachers pet or you may not be. Sometimes a student will want the teacher to look at him - avoid this. Do not move excessively or use any other way to attract the teachers attention. Just study in the lesson and do not let this effect you.

Do not even think about becoming the teachers pet - focus on the lesson and do not let anything distract you from understanding the lesson.

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