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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Habib Umar ibn Hafiz

Dowra 2007 part one

Awarif Al-Marif

Be like the people and you will be like them

Don’t be enamoured by the closing of the disbelievers

Don’t turn you back to the Qibla when urinating

Do not relieve yourself in pathways, animals homes, etc

Go in with left foot

Step out from the bathroom with right foot

Clean yourself from filth in the toilet

When leaving you can say Gufrank – your forgiveness

Use the supplications when entering and leaving the toilet

Make wudu with all the sunnas

People eat off newspapers and then throw it away, it will have Allah’s Subhanu wa ta’ala name in it or Muhammads (peace and blessings be upon him), they shouldn’t do this

We need to learn manners

People should not throw schoolbooks into the bin during the summer breaks – why don’t we respect the words

Rest on the left foot in the toilet

Be silent – don’t talk to anyone

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) prohibited talking whilst relieving oneself

Cough whilst in the toilet if someone is trying to get in

Be mindful of the drip of urine but don’t go to the extreme

Two men where punished in the grave because of not cleaning themselves properly after relieving himself and the other used to a talebearer

Most punishment of the grave is from this

Sa'ad ibn Muadh (may Allah be pleased with him) died, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stood over said subhanuallah (praise be to God) repeatedly and then said Allah uakbar (God is the greatest), because the grave was tight, so he said subhanuallah repeatedly then Allah uakbar when it was opened

Don’t have misgivings

The key to prayer is wudu

If something is wrong with your key then you cannot open the door

It is also a key to touching the Quran

Wudu is a weapon for each believer

Even black magic doesn’t affect a person in wudu

Stay wudu as much as you can

The night journey indicates to the stations of the Prophets in them

Only the people of heaven will see Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala

Speaking to much in Allahs (Subhanu wa ta’ala) presence is not manners, as Musa (upon him peace) was commanded to speak

The manners of the knower of Allah, is the same as a repenter on his travels

Some of the knowers of Allah speak of high speech then said this is a language that we don’t even know

When a servant is closer to Allah he must have more manners, because of what he has been honoured with nearness

If he is in the kings land or palace or attend an assembly of the king must be better than those who don’t

When he comes to the house of king, he shows more manners likewise when he sees him, he must have more manners

When his station with Allah (Subhanu wa ta’ala) is increased then he must be better

We cannot understand this

His heart became like his body, his insight became like his eyesight

Even the one who runs the race and fails gets a booby prize because he has exhausting himself and Allah (Subhanu wa ta’ala) may bestow on his a favour

Allah (Subhanu wa ta’ala) gives and it is not from anything from the servants side, this is from Allah (Subhanu wa ta’ala) generosity

Their striving is the gift of the giver

Recognise the station of the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him)

He revealed what he saw, his heart did not lie

He saw with his sight

Would you despite with him about what he saw?

O’ Allah fill our hearts with your and his love

“O’ Allah from what you have given me of goodness, I am still in poverty.” Said Musa (upon him peace)

Musa (upon him peace) said, “O’ my Lord from what you have given me of goodness, I am still in poverty.” He worked for ten years with Shuwaib and then Musa (upon him peace) was given Prophethood. Musa found sweetness when speaking to Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala about his staff

The supplication of Yunis (upon him peace) is, “There is no other deity except you and I was an wrongdoer.”

If you stand in front of the generous and admit your inadequacies you will get more

Isa (upon him peace) said, “If I said it, you would’ve known it.” When questioned

Ibn Al-Mubarak (May Allah show him mercy) said, “We more in need of a little manners than knowledge.”

Chapter 33

Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala praised the purity of the people of the raised platform - Suffa

They would not sleep in major impurity at night

They said that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) taught us purity

Someone said to Salman Al-Farsi (may Allah be pleased with him) “Your Prophet has taught you everything, even how to go to toilet?” He said, “Yes.”

The should not relieve themselves on solid ground, they should break up the soil

By doing these things, we draw closer to Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala even in this need we have to do

In all of these states we are connected to Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala

May Allah give us the best manners and make us upright

There was an aunt of two great Imams said to them when they were young said, “If you were careful of the manners of entering the bathroom, the light of knowledge would appear on your face.” By fulfilling all the Sunnas, people would be reminded of Allah when they were seen. Abdullah ibn Hussan At-Tahr and Tahr ibn Hussan At-Tahr

May Allah subhanu wa ta'ala revive these manners in us

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  1. Subhan Allah "Even black magic doesn’t affect a person in wudu"