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Monday, May 26, 2008

Sheikh Yahya Rhodus

Kitab An-Nafs from Imam Gazali Ihya Uloom udeen

Part one of two

Imam Ghazali (may Allah be pleased with him) was the renewer of the fifth century

He died 505 Hijri, this text is 930+ years old

It is a text that has remained unchanged

This faith has been transmitted from generation to generation until it reached us

The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said, “There will always be a portion of my nation steadfast upon the truth.”

The depth and constricts of English means you have to chose one meaning, the original word has infinite meanings

You are rendering it – this is what a translator does

You can’t get much better than Sheikh Abdul-Hakim translation (breaking the two desires)

This is one of the great works

He mastered several sciences

When he approaches this science he brings out the points

Imam Harramyn Al-Juwayni (may Allah show him mercy) was his teacher

Theology, foundations of principles, logic – he has a number of treatise

Some have criticized his lack of study of hadith

This is not fair

Hafiz Al-Iraqi (may Allah show him mercy) used to write “la Isal lha”, it has no source. When he was trying to find the hadith

Even great scholars differed from their teachers but with manners

How do we understand it, we say it for a warning then you can inform

Some scholars have stated that the hadiths weren’t found to be fabricated until later on

The Quran is tawatr qattai (conclusively known)

The hadiths can be used for fiqh is hasan (good) or sahih (sound)
Some scholars say to throw out weak hadith

Imam Ahmed (may Allah show him mercy) would use a weak hadith as proof

What are the instances that you can use weak hadith? In supererogatory works (fadail Al-Amal) to encourage people to good

It won’t harm you to take it

The only one that said you couldn’t is Qadi Abu Bakr ibn Arabi (may Allah show him mercy), everyone else agreed

Why am is saying this? Because people question him

There was people who opposes the book – you can’t understand the work and the context of his times

He was born in Tus

He finally realised he was studying for other than Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala

This was an eye opener

Allah will not support the Deen with a promiscuous man

We can take benefit from non-Muslims work, hans wehr and lane lexicon

We make righteous intentions

We see a lot of outward progress but outward soul

The only way to feel tranquil is to submit to Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala

Are there happy sinners?

Haram is haram you have to be patient

Imagine, leaving everything when you are at the top

Many people are caught up in the desire for food and drink

The majority of people do what they do because of recreation, as long as you follow your desire

You will move from one to another until you are bankrupt

In some areas in America you have to 55 or over to live there

They are bankrupt at the end of their lives

Look at our great scholars - the later part of their lives

Their hearts are one with Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala

They are receiving physical substance

Some people work on their yards to keep themselves busy

The DNV have a queue at 5am in the morning because they had something to do that day

Imam Ghazali (May Allah show him mercy) was at the top

Understand before you lead

Imam Ghazali (may Allah show him mercy) lost his voice and left everything and went on a ten year inward journey

After he completed this journey, he wrote write books

Our Deen cannot be marginalized

This is a technique to polarize people into groups

A fundamental part of our Deen is the middle way

In reality, you agree and disagree in the same group

We have a holistic teaching

You have to go to separate sections

The leadership qualities, the best of them are all found in the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

Tasawwaf is a third of Islam

To worship Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala, as if you see him although you cannot but he can see you

Indeed he is successful who purifies it

You can it what you want

What are we talking about it? Eliminating greed, miserliness, etc

The third volume (Ihya) talks about the vices of the hearts

He mentions the exposition of good character

After we understand it generally, he will talk about it specifically

We have to have a basic knowledge about the Halal and haram

Some people emphasise this over other sciences

Someone moves from I’llm Al-Yaqin to A’yan Al-Yaqin and finally Haq-Al-Yaqin

In the globalised society we live, there are lot of doors to tribulation (fitna)

Traditionally speaking, these societies would have been preserved – without contact from the outside world

The assimilation that has taken place

Some Muslims act like non-Muslims

They’ve had exposure from all these influences

We have to find practical solutions to these problems

Haq Al-Yaqin is the level of the awliya

Like people who hear about the class and people who see the class and the people who are in the lesson (all their understandings are different)

Fire: you see people running, you go closer you smell smoke, you go into the house and it burns your skin

All these are different levels

There will always be disbelievers – this is a decree

We do not know the divine will

Why did he do that? You do not know this, you are imposing your intellect upon him

Both are mentioned in the Quran Sura Al-Takhir “Mutual rivalry diverts you, Until you visit the graves.”

When faith strengthens due to witnessing them with the eye of your heart

We enter into Islam by witnessing we say I witness (Ashadu)

We believe in Allah, his angels, books, messenger and his decree good and bad.

Whilst he was praying he would see heaven

Companion who used have angels greet them

There are people of this time who have seen these things

This is what we are referring to

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) asked Harith, “How are you?” He replied, “I have become a complete believer.” The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “O’Harith look at what you’re saying.” Harith said, “I have no desire for worldly things . Gold and dirt have become one to me. Its as if I am looking at the throne of Allah, right now and I can see the people of heaven and hell.” The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Now you know stay on it.”

He didn’t tell him to fix his Aqida

Its impossible that all of them are not true

When you combine that, you realise the truth

The people who believe in the unseen are the first characteristics of the believer

If you call someone in Asia, you can talk to someone but you cannot see them

This is the same as your relationship with Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala

Imam Ghazali (may Allah show you mercy) attended a Khutba he was rousing the crowd for jihad and was concerned to where their hima was gone

He wrote the Ihya and there is no chapter on Jihad, you work on your lower soul

Imam Ghazali (may Allah show him mercy) wrote the book for that reason

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had the best character of anyone who walked the earth

This is a trust upon us

Muslims are the last people of revealed truth

What we need as believers is a commitment to others

We want to make our contribution to the next generation