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Friday, March 30, 2007

Imam Al-Harmayn Al-Juwayni

Imam al-Harmayn al-Juwayni (One of Imam Ghazali's teachers, may Allah show them mercy) was asked,

"Is it conceivable that Allah would allow a non-believer to overcome and oppress the Muslim?"

He said,

"No, the non believer (especially) the enemy of the Muslim, never truly overcomes him but it is conceivable for Allah to abandon the Muslim because of his neglect of responsibly to his Lord.”

When the enemy overcomes you it is not Allah allowing a victory of the non-believer over you.

Imam Juwanyni said, “This is not a victory of the non believer.”

Allah will never let you down as long as you uphold your responsibility to him.

Allah is abandoning the Muslim

Not giving victory to the non-Muslim

Be not deluded, Allah never lets you down never

The sum product of all the character of every single Muslim in the entire world is the Ummatic Khuluq (Character of the Muslim nation)

That’s what we feel in every century, in every time

Allah is just, we transgress

Allah is always in command and everything happens by his decree

Quotes from Gyath Al-Ummam of Imam Juwanyni

Sheikh Abdullah Adhami lecture on the Shamil lecture number seven

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