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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Habib Umar ibn Hafiz 22-07

Dowra notes Five

All praise to you who have gathered here

These beauties will not but be transfused in a heart unless it’s pure

Knock on Allah’s door

These gifts don’t come to anyone

His companions used to yearn for you, Allah, until they couldn’t control themselves

O one who gave them this character, give us

Allahs generosity has no limits

We seek his assistance and asking him for Help.

Hearts differ in their truthfulness in their seeking of him

He gives even to those who are lacking in their request

O Allah show us your blessings and be generous with your gift

How many hearts that is free from these desires

We raise our hands to you, to every individual to those who believe in you, Guide their hearts

O Allah we ask you for help and when this assistance come we will not suffer from problems

Everyone will find the result of what he intended, money.

Those who are veiled have a bad opinion of Allah

On the day of judgement Allah will ask, “To who is the dominion today.”

May Allah allow you to drink from the reality of his kingdom

None of the Prophet s works or actions are small they are mighty

Revive the hearts, O’ one who gives live to hearts

How can you forget Allah, his law, his books

Where is truth to other than him

How can you disobey the one who created you

Disobedience is your end, it your punishment

O’ Allah grant us fear of you

O’ people of La illa ill illah, he calls you, to his reality

From listening to empty soaps and tv and useless work, if you do this you will be cut off and you are in need

Remember him in open and in secret

Your messenger told you what to say in your days

Why don’t you remember him in every state

There is only difficult with the one doesn’t remember Allah

Make us ones how remember you

Prepare yourself for difficulties of this world

O ones who have left the prayer and fasting, your scared of the rockets, the tribulations have come and you are laughing

This is the problem because of the have forgotten Allah

O Allah save us

He is with us when we pray, fast and give money without expecting it back

What power stands before Allah

Whose door are the people going to stand at, you never turn anyone away
You gather hearts on Islam after all this time

O Allah give us a truthful light

O Allah have mercy as I continue to stand at your door, he is my companion at the day and the night

The knowledge of my Lord is significant for me

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