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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sheikh Saad Al Attas

The Spirit of Ramadan Part one

The companions used to pray for another Ramadan, they used to look forward to it

One night is worth a thousand months

Abu Abbas al Mursi (may Allah show him mercy) For a person of gratitude (suhkr) everyday is like the night of power (layat al Qadr)

Congratulations for (receiving the gift of) Ramadan

Imam Nawawi (May Allah show him mercy) said that the best book after the Quran is the Ihya

We have to take this month seriously

The Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon him) said, “Fasting is half of patience.”

Patience is what the Prophets (upon them peace) taught

One the objectives of Ramadan is to change routines

To change routines into worship

A person who isn’t sincere in his worship, is like a man who goes to the market with a bag of stones, what will he buy with a bag of stones? (People may see the bag and think he might have a lot)

Patience (sabr) is of two kinds, sabr with obedience and patience with sins

Ibn Ata’llah said Allah made worship colourful, so a person can chose, this encourages us

Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala is the only actor, he will reward is, “Fasting is for me.”

Every act can be seen except for fasting

All our actions should be based on sincerity

There can be no way of recording the account of fasting

If a person is patient every day for 30 days, he will become a patient person

There was a man who used to do evil but when Ramadan came he would change completely and replace haram with halal in that month and he died at the end of Ramadan. He was seen in a dream by one of the righteous who asked him what did Allah do with you? He said, “If it wasn’t for Ramadan then I would’ve been placed in the hellfire.”

The greatest gift for the people of heaven, is the vision of Allah

The breaking of the fast has two rewards all the other actions have one

Imam Abu Laith As-Samerqandi says the Naafs is stronger than seventy satans

Prayer is broken by sleep but fasting is rewarded in sleep

Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala tells us that he is closing the doors of hell and opening the doors of heaven, this tells us that Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala doesn’t want us to go to hell, he wants us to go to heaven

The food of the ego/nafs is food and drink and fasting/saum comes to close them

Hunger is a barrier between you and satan by calling the nafs

The hard times go past slowly and the easy times go easy

Say dua after sleep and you have given thanks for your sleep

In this month a person can raise themselves up to the status of an angel

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