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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The right that learnt knowledge has over you

These are things I need to put into place

The right of knowledge has over the learner is that he remember it or remembers the general or specific piece of the knowledge that has been learnt. He/she has now learnt something and if it is internal knowled€ge they need to inculcate it, if its information then the person must remember for future reference and teach it to others.

First and foremost the knowledge must benefit the learner, if it does not then there is little benefit knowing something that you are not going impliment yourself.

Worse than that your knowledge is not benefitting you in any way, you must not content to be a donkey by passing on knowledge that you yourself do not benefit. Then how can you expect others to, people will only benefit from your knowledge if you do.

When you are passing information on make it easy to understand and teach it in a way that they can easily understand. Also know that some people who you wish to advise may not take kindly to what you are telling them because of various reasons.
So inform them in a nice way and then don't expect them to follow up.

You should not look at others to be less than you when you know they do not have the knowledge on a subject that you do, you should look at yourself as less. As keenly as you search knowledge as keenly you should preserve the knowledge that you have learnt.

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