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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Intention of the learner

I wish to extent on what was said before. Your intention must be solely to attain Allah subhanu wa ta'ala s pleasure in learning.

Please see this dua and intention of the learner on this link (thanks to the person who sent the link in)

You should make your intention before going out to learn; before you set out to learn. Make dua to understand the knowledge and implement, the knowledge you have learnt practically.

What you have learned must benefit you, if it doesn't its like a man who is given soap he doesn't use it and complains about the smell of other people. Or like the man who sells soap but never uses it thinking it enough that he can sell it; he doesn't have to use it. This person is deluded, wake up, if you do not benefit from your knowledge what is the point of attending the lecture.

Although your reward in passing on your knowledge is there; even if the people do not do the action but the words are that much stronger with action behind them.
If you are in state where you don't practise what you preach, then you are worse off than someone who doesn't know. The fact you have learned something can be a proof against you and not for you.
You should not learn to make feel people feel inferior or to degrade them; if you do this then it better that you remain ignorant and stay at home. There is no point in learning if you are just doing it to win an argument. This shows insincerity and a lack of respect to the knowledge and these things will actually take your further away from Allah subhanu wa ta'ala, not closer.
Make it easy for others and don't make it hard, be harsh on yourself; if you want to be harsh on anyone.

A person shouldn't be forced to learn except in what is obligatory for him to learn, after that they should decide. The obligatory knowledge is enough; Prayer, Basic belief, a text of purification and or any other knowledge that a person needs in their situation; ie buying and selling etc.

Purify your intention and make it solely for Allah subhanu wa ta'ala. This may mean you have to go back and re-check your intention several times.


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    The intentions have been made available at the following link..
    Online Halaqa: Intentions

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    "Intention of the learner":


    Good reminder. Its so hard to keep the intentions pure and for His sake only. A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous.


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  3. What, then, is a good way to purify ones intention in seeking knowledge? I can think of a couple--to always compare yourself to those who are stronger in their Islam and more knowledgeable, remind yourself that Allah can give ''ilm, and take it away, remember that knowledge can bring light to the heart, or darkness (if it stirs us pride & arrogance within), that if you see someone who is weaker in their practice, you should remember that no one is strong on their own (only from Allah), so have compassion and try to help them and yourself by good teaching & nasiha. Br Arfan, can you shed any more light in this regard?

  4. Ma sha Allah I think you covered it but there is an article on intention that might be of interest.