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Monday, May 05, 2008

Choice of teacher

In our time, having a choice of teacher is a real luxury. If you have this luxury then chose the one with the best character then learn from him.

If you learn from the who has more knowledge but has bad character know that you too will be infected by his character and may or may not pass it on or even emboy it.

Religion is not just knowledge it is character as well, remove your soul from the bad actions of people and the bad practices of the culture.

Your teacher should inspire you to be like him because he is a reflection of the Prophetic character.

If you are unable to find any other teacher locally, travel to places where you can obtain knowledge, if you are unable to so, learn the teacher and guard yourself and don't let your heart incline to bad character, for one second.

If you can only find one teacher and he has bad character then study with him but do not copy them except in knowledge.

Be careful what you share with your teacher and likewise never share anything personal of his with other people.

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