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Friday, February 22, 2008

Advice on how to ask a scholar a question

how to ask a scholar a question.

This is something I do which it is also a reminder for me.

First of all you should observe the scholar and see if he is receptive to questions, he may be tired and need rest, or the session may be over and people may have to leave that area.

Approach with caution and give Salams

The question: you need to make the question as short as possible, really think about the question and don't ask questions that have been asked before. Listen to lecture or lesson carefully; has the scholar already answered the question. Don't waste the time of the scholar.

Also wait until the subject is completed because your question be answered late on in the lesson. Please also note you may come across scholars who do not like to be asked questions and this can a bearing on the answer that you may recieve. If you come across this then try to ask someone else and do not be offended.

Your question should be clear and he should be able to hear your voice.

After you have asked the question, give him/her time to think and respond, this is the most important advice, because they may give you more than what you asked for. If that’s the case wait listen carefully, they be answering your question indirectly or explaining the bigger picture.

If you don't understand then say that you don't understand

Once they have finished speaking then respond and wait again. Ask now for clarification, if you need to.

In private matters, ask to see the scholar in private and be discreet

Don't speak over the scholars words, let the scholar finish.

After you have asked the question, thank him for the lecture/lesson and his answer.

If you didn’t get the answer that you want and need to ask someone else, do so but don't mention you have spoken to someone else and this should be avoided.

Remember the greatest statement that a student ever asked was, "I don't understand." The best answer was, "I don't know."

So to recap the method:

1. Ask the question

2. Wait

3. Do not interrupt

4. Once they begin speaking let them finish. Do not interrupt, thinking they have misunderstood the question. In fact never interrupt once they have started.

5. Once they have finished, ask for clarification.

6. Thank them and ask for a supplication!

Try this out this method and provide us with some feedback.

When the question has been answered and you have found wanting in the question; ask again but be careful your question may not have an answer or it might be better for you if the question is not answered. Some questions do not have answers because they are flawed, logically.

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