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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sheikh Yahya Rhodus

Sincere Advice 2

The companions were looking at the enemy at a battle and one of them said, "How many of them are they how few we are." Khalid ibn walid (May Allah Ta’ala be pleased with him) said, "How few they are and how many we are."

We have lost sight of were our true strength lies

If you notice your own existence, you shouldn't have an inclination to yourself

You shouldn't see yourself as anything

The true people are the ones in dire need but they prefer others

Ibn Ishaq (May Allah's Ta'ala mercy be with him) was a freed slave (writer of an important sira of the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him))

Hasan al Basri (May Allah's Ta'ala mercy be with him) said, "The naafs commands to evil."

If you soul is not inclined to evil then it won't go towards it

The foundation of the spiritual path is going against the your own soul

Any event that you are in is an opportunity to get closer to Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala

If you lower your eyes when there are women present and you look down. This can bring you closer to Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala and sweetness will appear in your heart

If you dislike drink, don't dislike the drinker and if you see someone in a bad state make a dua for that person

Habib Ali was on a plane were a woman was dressed badly, the man was perturbed and Habib said, "Allah put you in this position, so you can praise him for the benefit of faith."

You need to know what the self wants

To follow your lower self, it will lead you to humiliation, in this world and in the next life

The Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said, "Love of the world is the crux of all errors."

The companions didn't blame outside, they blamed themselves

In hadith the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said, "When people will eat from the Muslims like people eat from a plate." "Will it because we will be few?" it was asked. "You will be many but you love the world and hate death."

You will be many but not of any substance, like the people who are leftover after a flood

We die to live the companions lived to die

Love comes from Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala and then we return the love

Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala only gives Deen to people he loves

The dunya is completely insignificant.

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  1. mashallah ur ryt u noe if u have faith in allah everything would be easy for u mashalah this was a beautiful speeech and wonderfull hadeeth may allah bless who wrote thiis coment