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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sheikh Samir An Nass

Part Three

Only the Shafi's prohibit women from visiting the graves, Hanafi, Maliki and Hanbali allow it

A non-Muslim tore up the Quran and now he has problems with his hands

Some non-Muslims respect the Quran better than the Muslims because we listen to the Quran but we don't do anything about it, that’s how we disrespect it

The only time the Quran can help us is when we follow it

If you read the last 10 ayahs of Sura Kalf it will help you get up for Fajr

Go to bed early at 11pm if that doesn’t work try 10pm, in the olden days Isha was the hardest prayer to do as Fajr is now

Someone shouldn't waste his or her time watching T.V.

Some scholars say that smoking is more haram than drinking

Chess is permitted in Shafi but prohibited in Hanafi

Don’t miss a prayer due to playing board games

There is no penalty if your drop the Quran, without intention

If you are trying to encourage someone to pray, show them how satisfied you are with the prayer

For women to travel in a group is not allowed in the Hanafi Madhab

The Imam cannot comment on something that will cause controversy in the Khutba

We look at things from or point of view but we don’t look at Allah's subhanu wa ta'ala.

Who would go spend time with their parents for a million pounds? If we spend time with our families, we will get more than that, without an end

It is not accepted to charms such as the Hand of Fatima

Due to rebellion in some times, they made the niqaab wajib, it depends on the place

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