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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Habib Hassan Al-Kaf

Seeking knowledge

A student of knowledge biggest blessing is being a student.
It is a great blessing to be a student of knowledge

He should thank Allah and praise him. It is a tremendous blessing

He should always ask for beneficial knowledge in his prayers, he should always extent his hand and ask for beneficial knowledge, whilst he in a lesson and when he reading a book. They should act upon their knowledge and they will see things open for them but then they have knowledge that it has all come from him

Understand the virtue of knowledge and read about the scholars

Knowledge is the inheritance of the Prophets (upon them peace)

He should always be humble and never be ignorant

He should consider himself worse than everyone and then he will be able to take from everyone

Zain Al abideen was sitting in the Masjib Nabi whilst a former slave was teaching a lesson. When he was asked, “oh son of the daughter of the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) who are sat and gathering knowledge from? He replied, “I seek knowledge from whoever benefits my deen.”

Don’t be hasty in seeking knowledge; you may have to seek knowledge for a long
Time. Some books took him years to finish because they had a long-term benefit in them.

Remain consistent and persistent in your studies, Scholar who would get a basic level and then they would continue to study

You should study even if its for a small amount of time a day and you will benefit from the blessing in persistent study

A pure intention is needed when we study

The intention even though it is small it can have a great effect
By benefiting yourself and others

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