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Friday, January 27, 2006

Sheikh Nuh Ha min Keller/ Hafiz Gul Muhammad/ Sidi Hassan Rasool

Spiritual remedy for the Present Crisis Part one

Hafiz Gul Muhammad

A Sheikh came to a Magician and told him that Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala desires good for you, for what you have done. The magician couldn’t think of anything good he did the sheikh explained to him. A old lady knocked on his door, when he opened it she didn’t say anything, he asked her but she didn’t reply, this happened three times.
After she went away he heard the cries of her children when he approached her house. The old lady felt she couldn’t beg from people after asking and begging to Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala, so when the magician heard the cries of her children. He gave her food and clothes and when the sheikh explained this to him he became Muslim.

Sidi Hassan Rasool

The nourishment of the body ends up as nourishment of the soul

The nourishment of the soul can only enrich a person.

Sheikh Nuh Ha Min Keller

A Word of advice – Tell the truth

Corruption has appeared on land and sea because of what they have done and a bit of punishment is shown as a mercy to go back from sin

Body mind and sprit must be one

Inward must be sound for the outward to be sound

The sea change must change

When the trees get torn out of a forest what is left? Weeds.

The Masjid was the first thing build in Medina after the Hijra

Tawasul is a means to draw closer to Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala

A sect appeared that make takfir over other groups, conquered Mecca in 1806 and the removed in 1812. Until 1920 the Wahabis killed 4,000 hujaj (Hajji's) from Yemen.

A generation of Satan

The CIA has an office in the University of Ibn Wahab

They provide the financial support for 4,000 madrasas for the Deobandis
Jason burke was made to feel welcome in Afghanistan until he met an Egyptian who hated his guts.

Jihad is “Ibada Maqula” it has a specific purpose it is supposed to make an improvement.

Nothing has improved for the Muslims with these events. In fact the conditions are worse for the Muslims, there is no improvement.

Egyptians came to Afghanistan to spread the Wahabi doctrine

People see endless punishment
Essence of fascism is the cooperation of big corporations and government

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