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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sheikh Yayha Rhodus

Desperate Times

Blessing are attached to each other

Only disbelievers dispear about the mercy of Allah Subhanu wa ta'ala

The time between Maghrib and Isha is a time of treasure

The door of forgiveness is always open

If a believer doesn't go through hardship then how can they attain paradise

The world is a place for tribulation, a place to earn paradise

Afflictions are oppunities to get closer to Allah subhanu wa Ta'ala

Imam Haddad had a fever for 14 years, he never told anyone about it

Umar and the companions (may Allah ta'ala be pleased with them) where happy to suffer

They had a food embargo which lasted for years

The Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) buried all his children except, Fatima (may Allah ta'ala be pleased with her)

Problems have been made so people turn to Allah subhanu wa ta'ala

Our problem is that we need to turn back to Allah subhanu wa ta'ala and that is the victory

Its good to be strange because strangers revive the Sunna

Prophet Muhammed (Peace and blessings upon him) lives in the middle of paradise so he can be visited by his umma

There are 120 rows in paradise and there are people in this time who will be in the first row

As far as music and tv are concerned, what is haram to say/do is haram for you to listen to / watch

Don't make hijra and change your intention, in residing in this country

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