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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sheikh Abdul hakim Murad

The Beginning of guidance

We are chasing an image of perfection

Bright into the light our lives by removing the addictions

All the scholars agreed that Al ghazali was the renewer of his time

This Umma is a revival of the Ibrahimic message

We have to have a balance of sprit and law; one cannot make up for the other both have to be taken at once.

Extremists are those with little intelligence and it takes intelligence to know the middle way.

Reforming the soul to resemble the Prophetic reality

Some students of Imam Huramayn broke their pens as a mark of respect after his death.

Imam Ghazali beget doubts in his intentions, he had a mental breakdown

After years of travel he returned to public life renewed in faith and begins to teach.

He found that the heart of the source of knowledge, the essence of the human being

He advised to stay away from Greek knowledge and pray then conform to the sunna

Some people are to busy arguing and accusations of bida etc. We are distracted from the real work, to bring light to our people

Instead some alims are looking for the money and not other things.

We must increase our spirituality.

Our religion is the outward as well as the inward

Al Rukn al Azum (the great pillar) is the ordering of good and banning the evil, practice what they preach.

We can't wait for help we must do it

He uses reason and logic to defeat his opponents against a mariyad of people trying to corrupt the faith

What do you do with people who don’t tow the line

Muslim will always be diverse, as a part of divine will

Iyha is still sold in abundance in Turkey.

9/10ths of our energy are directed against each other.

We need to redirect our energies

Spiritual growth is growth of iman

Develop logic to enhance your arguments

There are endless things, which distract the heart

Only go out if you need something specific, this is from sunna

Have a good opinion of your Lord

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